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Filipino Scholarships for Women isn’t always simple to find, but today there are numerous options for those who want to pursue higher education and are in need of free financial aid. In actuality, there are currently more women than men enrolled in college, and there are numerous opportunities for women in many disciplines and degrees.

Filipino Scholarships for Women
Filipino Scholarships for Women

Women are encouraged to pursue higher education and research through scholarships in areas such as science, business, finance, engineering, computer science, information technology, peace, and international development. So, we have curated a list of Top 5 Scholarships for Women in Philippines, which are as follows

Filipino Scholarships for Women

Following is a list of Top 5 Scholarships for Filipino women

We Rise as One Scholarship for Women

The Philippine Women’s University educational system is dedicated to academic excellence, the expansion of educational opportunities for all sectors of society, and the development of effective and responsible professionals and citizens. The We Rise as One Scholarship Program is one of the scholarships offered by the school: the We Rise as One Scholarship Program is open to students with financial need. Applicants whose parents or guardians were financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis will be given priority.

Benefits of We Rise as One Scholarship

Students will receive 100% Tuition Fees Subsidy as scholarship benefit, but, miscellaneous and other fees will be charged

How to Apply

We Rise as One Scholarship is open and you can apply offline or online (see below)

  • Apply Offline – Register yourself at your nearest PWU Admissions Office with necessary documents
  • Apply Online – Send an email to the PWU Scholarship Office at [email protected]

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Tabang OFW Scholarship Program for Women

The Tabang OFW program allows Overseas Filipino Workers with dependents enrolled in college or university to benefit from their OWWA membership. This is a unique OWWA scholarship program for COVID-19-affected OFWs. You can receive a one-time cash aid if an OFW has passed away, you’ve lost your employment, or you’ve been repatriated.

Benefits of Tabang OFW Program

  • A stipend of PHP 30,000 is given to one (1) college-educated dependent of an OFW who was deported, lost his/her job, or passed away during the COVID-19 epidemic as a benefit of the Tabang OFW program.
  • Please be aware that this project will only receive one time’s worth of funding and  IS NOT A LOAN from OWWA. So this financial assistance will undoubtedly help the OFW as their dependents.

How to Apply for Tabang OFW Program

The Tabang OFW Program is open and you can apply offline or online (see below)

  • Apply Offline – Visit your nearest OWWA welfare office to Apply for Scholarship
  • Apply Online – Download Application form from the link given below to apply for Tabang OFW Program

Application link – OFW Tabang Application

Underwood Scholarship for Women

Underwood Scholarship for Women comes under EDWARD & EVA UNDERWOOD CHARITABLE FOUNDATION INC, and they have announced that they will be awarding an EDUCATIONAL GRANT to students of Philippine Women’s University SHS JASMS and graduates of Public Schools. This award will be for academically qualified students in need of financial assistance. The grant is determined by financial need. Slots are extremely restricted.

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Benefits of Underwood Scholarships

Scholars will get 100% of Tuition Fees and 100% of Miscellaneous and Other Fees

How to Apply

The Underwood Scholarship for Women is open and you can apply offline or online (see below)

Apply Offline – Register yourself at your nearest PWU Admissions Office with necessary documents
Apply Online – Send an email to the PWU Scholarship Office at [email protected]

AFP Educational Benefit

Since its inception in 2000, the Armed Forces of The Philippines Education Benefit (AFPEBSO) has managed educational programs for qualifying dependents. It mostly serves poor orphans whose parents died or were injured in combat. Other recipients include non-battle casualties’ dependents, active and retired military, and AFP Civilian Employees.

Benefits of AFP Educational Benefit

The AFP Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO) provides educational benefits to soldiers’ dependents. Scholars receive free tuition and miscellaneous fees, as well as a monthly stipend of up to Php 20,000 per year, as well as food and transportation allowances.

Video Guide

How to Apply for AFP Educational Benefit

For details on how to Apply, please visit your nearest PWU Admissions Office.

CHED Medical Scholarship

CHED Medical Scholarship

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), is now accepting applicants for the Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) Program for Doctor of Medicine program for the second semester, AY 2021/2022 and First semester, AY 2022/2023.

Benefits of CHED Medical Scholarship

The benefits of CHED Medical Scholarship are:

  • Php 88,500.00 per semester and Php 177,00.00 per Academic year as subsidy and allowances for scholars through the SUC/PHEI
  • Php 66,000.00 per semester and Php 148,00.00 per Academic year for Internship Program/5th year Medicine to be given to the scholars through the SUC/PHEI

How to Apply for CHED Medical Scholarship

Please visit you nearest CHED Regional Office to apply for this Scholarship


The fact that women are viewed as underrepresented in specific disciplines, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, is most notable. As technical institutions try to increase the number of female students on campus and in their labs, this might be a fantastic chance for you if you happen to be a woman who excels at and is interested in a scientific major or focus.

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