Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2023 Latest

If you are looking for Civil Service Exam Reviewer, we have prepared a list of websites that provide reviewers for both Professional and Sub-Professional exams. Using only these reviewers will not guarantee you pass the exam. However, you may use these reviewers to identify subjects that need further study.

2023 Civil Service Exam Reviewer
2023 Civil Service Exam Reviewer

First, you should become familiarize with the scope and coverage of the Civil Service Exam. The scope of both the Professional and Sub-Professional is nearly equal. Only Analogy and Logic (for Professional) and Spelling and Clerical Operations differ (for Sub-Professional). To pass the Civil Service Exam, you must have a score of 80%.

Table of Contents

The following links found searching the internet. There are many other websites that you can visit. We will update this article regularly as possible when new websites with useful links from the reviewers become available.

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Following is the list of Civil Service Exam Reviewer Websites with Links:

  1. Exam Ally
  2. Mrs. Leonalyn Mutia-Tayone
    • This is a reviewer and it’s not a leakage, but there are many things that may come out like before, so NEVER MEMORIZE the answer but the way to answer correctly. Otherwise, you thought nothing came out… but last time, a lot came out of my collections… Practice! Practice! Practice! God bless!”
  3. ACE Reviewer PDF Copy
    • You can get you free PDF copy here.
  4. Civil Service Exam PH
    • Math Questions
    • Grammar and Correct Usage
    • Sentence Completion
    • Synonym Questions
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Word Analogy
    • Logic Reasoning
    • Numerical Reasoning
    • Vocabulary Questions
  5. Team Lyqa Test-taking Tips, Tricks and Techniques
    • Speed Math Problems
    • Word Problems
    • Geometry
    • English
  6. PDF Copy of RA 6713

Note: There are many lessons in Team Lyqa’s Youtube Page that you should watch. The link mentioned above was from their website page.

An Act Establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, To Uphold the Time-Honored Principle of Public Office Being a Public Trust, Granting Incentives and Rewards for Exemplary Service, Enumerating Prohibited Acts and Transactions and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof and For Other Purposes. (Download Link)

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Civil Service Exam 2023 Community
Civil Service Exam 2023 Community


What is the best reviewer for civil service exam?

In comparison, the professional level exam involves logic, data interpretation, and abstract reasoning. We suggest the NCV Civil Service Reviewer from NCV Review Books and Dr. Carl Balita Ultimate Learning Guide to Civil Service Examination from CBRC if you are looking for reliable and proven reviewers.

What should I study for the civil service test?

1. Math Questions
2. Grammar and Correct Usage
3. Sentence Completion
4. Synonym Questions
5. Reading Comprehension
6. Word Analogy
7. Logic Reasoning
8. Numerical Reasoning
9. Vocabulary Questions

Is it hard to pass the civil service exam?

Passing the civil service exam requires self-discipline and dedication. Some people put in very little effort and still pass the exam with high marks. This is not by chance, since it may be linked to a good academic foundation.

How do I start reviewing for civil service exam?

1. Read, read, read.
2. Take mock exams
3. Involve people in your review
4. Prepare yourself for the big day.

What is the passing score in civil service?

The passing score is 80%

A passing rate of 80% is required for all CSC exams, including Professional and Sub-Professional for both PPT and COMEX. Schedule for the 2023 Civil Service Exam.

Civil service exam deadline

Civil service exam deadline is 25 January 2023.

Reference: GovernmentPH