CHED-SIKAP Scholarship 2023 | Ultimate Guide

SIKAP known as Scholarships for instructors knowledge advancement program. It is for teaching and non-teaching personnel form Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

CHED-SIKAP Scholarship 2023
CHED-SIKAP Scholarship 2023

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Who are Eligible for SIKAP Scholarship?

To be Eligible for CHED SIKAP Scholarship you must meet the below requirements

  • Must be a Filipino citizen.
  • You should be working as a teacher at a higher education institution or have been employed as a teacher in the previous twelve months while applying for the scholarship.
  • Should not hold any management or administrative position.
  • A full-time work in a government agency or a private enterprise that is not HEI is not permitted.

For Full-Time scholar:

  • Commit to full-time study in order to complete the program.
  • If you work, you must be released from administrative or teaching responsibilities for the duration of the scholarship, with proof/commitment from your employer to allow you to study full-time.
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For Part-time scholar:

  • A minimum of twenty hours of work each week, or twelve teaching load units, is necessary.

What are the Documents criteria that I’ll have to submit?

  • An application form
  • A Re-entry action plan.
  • A government-issued identification.
  • Eligibility statement and undertaking.
  • A recommendation form.
  • Passport or Birth Certificate.
  • Proof of Admission to Eligible HEI or DHEI.
  • A Release form
  • Your CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • A record of a transcript.
  • Employment Certificate.

What financial services and benefits will I receive?

Financial Privileges and IncentivesFull-time study
Part-time study
Monthly living allowancePHP 25, 000/ 
PHP 30, 000 
PHP 12, 500/ 
PHP 16, 500 
Tuition and other feesCost of tuition and other fees Cost of tuition and other fees 
Book allowancePer academic year: PHP 12, 000Per academic year: PHP 6, 000
Dissertation/capstone/thesis project allowancePHP 50, 000/ 
PHP 100, 000 
PHP 50, 000/ 
PHP 100, 000 
Transportation allowance Per academic year: 
PHP 12, 000 
Per academic year: PHP 6, 000 

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CHED SIKAP Scholarship Application

How to apply for CHED-SIKAP Scholarship?

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements

  1. Go to to get your Application Number.
  2. Go to and download and complete the Documentary Requirements.
  3. Complete the scholarship package and submit it:
  4. Please submit the DHEI Model to your Delivering Higher Education Institution.

Deadline of Application?

The deadline of submission is March15, 2022

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