GSIS Educational Subsidy Program 2023 to 2024 | How to Apply

GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP) is a form of financial to be given to dependents of qualified program recipients enrolled in any year level in a Commission on Higher Education (CHED) registered private or state college or university. The GESP recipient shall be entitled to a subsidy of One Thousand Pesos (Php1,000.00) not to exceed Ten Thousand Pesos (Php10,000.00) per academic year. The GESP grant is non-transferable.

GSIS Educational Subsidy Program 2023
GSIS Educational Subsidy Program 2023

Table of Contents

Who are considered as Qualified as GSIS members?

  • They are at the salary grade (SG) 24 or below or its equivalent job level;
  • The member’s GSIS account in good standing with premium payments, and with no underpaid loan or unpaid loan amortization of not more than three (3) months for the duration of the GESP grant per evaluation or verification process conducted by GSIS ; and
  • They have college student dependents in any year level who are accepted in or taking up 4- or 5-year course in any SUC, LUC, or private college recognized by CHED.

Who are considered as qualified recipient, grantee, or dependent of GSIS member?

  1. Must be a child/dependent of a member, including the child of a solo parent-member as defined under The Solo Parents’ Welfare Act;
  2. Must be a college student in any year level who is accepted in or taking up any 4-5 year course in any CHED registered SUC, LUC, or private college or university
    • The student shall enroll in full load for each term as prescribed by the curriculum of the chosen course, immediately following the award of the educational subsidy and every term thereafter. No postponement of enrolment shall be allowed (except sickness, injury, transfer or residence or threat to security and safety, but subject for approval of the GSIS).
    • The recipient may enroll in summer/ midterm class, but no subsidy shall be provided.
  3. The applicant’s dependent must have a general weighted average of at least 80% with no failing grade and incomplete mark in any subject.
  4. The qualified member’s dependent shall not be a recipient of any other educational or financial assistance program for the duration of the grant, including the GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP).

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Documents required?

  1. Duly accomplished GESP Application Form;
  2. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issued birth certificate of dependent (original or certified true copy);
  3. Certificate from the school that the student is accepted or enrolled during the current Academic Year, and stating thereon the course, the duration of the course, and year level of the student;
  4. Report Card or School Certification stating that the general weighted average of the applicant’s dependent is at least 80% with no failing grade and incomplete mark incurred in any subject within the preceding semester/ term of the academic year.
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How to apply?

  1. Eligible GSIS members may download the same from the GSIS website ( for processing together with the requirements.
  2. It must be submitted to the nearest GSIS office or via email at [email protected].
  3. The list of qualified students shall be posted in the GSIS website and official GSIS social Media accounts. The qualified member shall be notified by CCO and/ or the branch offices through phone, mail, and/or text message of the result of the evaluation.
  4. The member and student/ recipient shall be given sixty (60) days from the first date of publication to submit the following requirements at the nearest GSIS office;

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For New Student Grantee:

  1. Duly signed and notarized agreement;
  2. Information Sheet with latest 2×2 I.D. pictures (2 pieces); and
  3. LBP Account Number

For Old Grantees:

  1. Certified True Copy of all the grades for the preceding term and
  2. Certificate of Registration of the current term

Note: Failure to submit said requirements within the prescriptive period shall render the subsidy forfeited.

Application Period:

  • Start of Application – July 11, 2022
  • Application Deadline – August 31, 2022